Coversys is a manufacturer of high quality steel roofing tiles and accessories based in Belgium.
Coversys is at the forefront of innovation on steel roof tiles which are fast becoming the environmental roofing material choice.

Our tiles are lightweight, secure, durable and visually attractive providing a perfectly watertight roofing solution.


Our mission is to continue our passion to exceed our client’s expectations and offer our environmentally friendly steel roof tiles to a multitude of projects and territories.

Excellent track record

Coversys has an excellent track record and since 1996, 6 million steel roof tiles covering approximately 3 million square metres of roof area have been exported and installed in 27 countries.

Superior technology and quality

The technology of manufacturing our tiles is considered to be superior to the competition in the steel roof tiles market. Our close collaboration with our trusted steel and paint suppliers has enabled us to offer state-of-the-art technology for steel roof tiles. We have European Union ‘European Conformity’ (CE) accreditation for our tiles.

Our single factory outlet in Belgium is capable of producing a large volume of high quality tiles and gives us the benefits of excellent quality control, the ability to innovate and to carry out exciting bespoke projects.

World class steel and paint

Coversys uses world class steel and paint and using its proven technology and expertise produces world class steel roof tiles.

Coversys is the first company to introduce plain tiles (without ‘stones’, chips or granules) in the market which have now become the norm in Europe and are fast gaining momentum in other parts of the world.

Environmentally friendly

The company’s environmental credentials are excellent and we have minimal waste in the manufacturing process. Steel is one of the few truly green building materials on the market because it is 100% recyclable.