Our products

The quality of the products is the first concern for Coversys. The raw materials are chosen with great care and the production is carried out with the latest production techniques. The aim is to offer a long lasting product to protect your roof for many years to come.


Our products are manufactured in conformity with

The high quality standard of our steel roof tiles are certified by CE marking and our products are in compliance with the EN 14782 standard.

The CE marking is a mandatory conformity mark required for products placed on the EU market. It indicates that the product complies with the harmonized EN standard or the respective ETA (European Technical Approval).


Some competitors offer only 50% replacement cost after expiry of half their guarantee period whereas the Coversys warranty is 100% for the entire 30 years warranty period duration.


Our tiles durability statement is supported by the following tests:-

  • Corrosion resistance salt fog without rust (ASTMB117-07).
  • UVB resistance: (ASTM G 53-99).
  • Wet sulphur dioxide resistance (Kesternich) DIN 50 018.

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